The Apostolic Faith, a newsletter chronicling the revival that brought fame to the Azusa Street Mission, was published in Los Angeles from September 1906 to May 1908. Those responsible for publishing the paper relocated elsewhere 1908, and with their departure, the paper left Azusa. After they were gone, attempts were made in Los Angeles to continue a paper, but nothing was established from those efforts.

Issue 14, the paper published in Los Angeles after the original printing staff's departure, and issue 15, the first Portland paper are included here with the original 13 issues.

These texts are lifted from photocopies of the very fragile original papers which are archived at the Apostolic Faith Church Headquarters Office in Portland, Oregon. They are offered with comparative readings of other copy sets. Originally produced as four columns on large newsprint, they are offered here as ADA compliant web pages.

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View Print 1 Pentecost Has Come
View Print 2 The Pentecostal Baptism Restored
View Print 3 Bible Pentecost
View Print 4 Pentecost With Signs Following
View Print 5 Beginning of World Wide Revival
View Print 6 Pentecost Both Sides the Ocean
View Print 7 Many Witnesses to the Power of the Blood and of the Holy Ghost
View Print 8 Los Angeles Campmeeting of the Apostolic Faith Missions
View Print 9 In the Last days
View Print 10 Everywhere Preaching the Word
View Print 11 Good Tidings of Great Joy
View Print 12 The Lord Is Speaking in the Earth Today
View Print 13 Fires are Being Kindled
View Print 14 This is the Outpouring of the Spirit in the latter Days
View Print 15 The Promised Latter Rain


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